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My name is Naveen, I am from the palace city, Mysore, located in South India. The goal of my website is to provide information about my city Mysore, vedic hindu astrology, amateur radio and many more topics.

Enjoy surfing my infosite and don't forget to give me your valuable feedbacks.

Visit Mysore

This section elaborately describes the history of Mysore, places of interest and places around mysore city which will be helpful for tourists visiting mysore. Also more information is provided on reaching mysore from different parts of India and the information on accomodation and train timings are provided.

Amateur Radio

This section introduces you to the fascinating world of Amateur Radio or commonly known as HAM Radio . Details regarding the syllabus of examination (ASOC - Amateur Station Operator Certificate) to obtain wireless license in India is provided. A Morse Code chart has been provided for the beginners. There are many links to other Amateur Radio sites.

Vedic Hindu Astrology

In this section you can get familirization with the Vedic Hindu system of Astrology, the ancient indian system of astrology. I have provided information on the basics of astrology. Also, a chart is provided for finding the suitable match of boy and girl based on birth stars for the purpose of marriage, don't forget to check this out!. Links are provided to other astrology related web pages. Information on astrology books are also provided.

Latest Technologies

In this section you will get to know the latest technologies in the electronics industry, discussing on varieties of Protocols, Standards etc like Fibre Channel, Power PC, PCI, SDRAM, SRAM, Network Processors, Microcontrollers and links to various information pages.

Hardware Design

This section provides you with information on hardware, hardware design (mainly on board design), different hardware processes. Hardware design tips are also provided. Many links to hardware related sites can be found here.


In this page you will find lot of information on Philately, hobby of collecting stamps. You can learn how to start collecting, arranging, exhibiting your valuable stamps. Importance is given to thematic philately.

Enjoy surfing my webpage for information and don't forget to give me your valuable inputs and suggestions for further inproving my infosite.

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